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Rough Piece of Road 

book two of

“The Rocky Road” Series.

Speeding Tickets 

book one of

“The Rocky Road” Series.

 An author’s success is directly related to the support and innovation of the publishing house they are attached to.  Broken Glass Publishing was created to maximize the success of its individual authors by:

   Broken Glass Publishing recognizes and follows the trends of the publishing industry.  Our books are also available for distribution to mobile devices and personal computers, through well known, reputable, distributors.


   Broken Glass Publishing  is a green publishing company.  We contract only with printers who use primarily recycled materials or renewable materials. Our printing exceeds minimum industry standards and a majority of our marketing is done through free workshops and the internet.

Print editions are currently available only through BGP or its authors.  Titles are available as eBooks through mainstream distribution systems, including, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and others. 





“The Rocky Road” romantic suspense series by author Valley Brown continues with “Book Three:  Divided Highway.”  (Work in progress.)


“The Art of Stained Glass Restoration,” by author Jules Mominee is scheduled for late 2014.  (Non-fiction)

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Chimera 1911 C. E.

 Paranormal romance -adult